About Me


Hello stranger from the internet, you're probably wondering who I am and what i'm all about so i'll just jump right into it. My name is Christopher Adams I was born in Naperville, IL and lived there for a short time before moving to Minnesota where I would grow up for 18 years of my life. I am currently 19 years old living in Bozeman, Montana trying to chase my dream of becoming a professional photographer.


     I started taking pictures around three to four years ago when I went on a fishing trip to the Boundary Waters. I only had a phone at the time but it instantly sparked a creative high that I've never felt before. I ended up buying my first camera that next year and really enjoyed taking pictures of my friends at the skate park along with anything that caught my eye out on the countryside.


     Ever since then I started driving farther and farther searching for the most beautiful scenery I could find. I took my first trip to the Tetons with some dudes I found off instagram. I was hyped because it was the first time i'd ever seen mountains and I instantly fell in love with the west. Now my all time favorite thing to do is drive through the mountains looking for anything and everything I can take a picture of.